Community Supporting Community

Earn money through the Localyte Referral Program

Like any organization, we need to acquire customers and this process costs money. Some companies hire large firms to mass-market. Others pay for extensive advertizing campaigns. In the spirit of our mission statement, we're going to try something different.

We'd like to pay our community for spreading the word.

How it works

Every customer signed up on the mobile app and every business within the Localyte community has a referral code. When you share the app or send a link to another person, we use that code to register them as referred by you.

Here's the good part:

For any purchase they make for the first year of joining Localyte, you will receive 0.25% of that sale. Seriously. There's no limits to the number of people you sign up. Are you seeing the potential here?

Do you know of any businesses that could benefit from the extra revenue stream? If they sign up with your referral code, you will receive 0.25% of all Localyte sales to that merchant for the first two years!

The best part is that the merchant fees do NOT increase. We pay these costs out of our standard transaction fees to better serve the community.

This is Community Supporting Community.

Is this a pyramid scheme?

The "too good to be true" feeling makes people ask us if this is a pyramid scheme. Of course, the answer is absolutely not. If someone is referred by you, it's irrelevant if they don't sign up anyone else. Also, if they sign up 100 people, you won't get paid more (sorry). This is a simple referral program where you only earn the bonus for directly signing people and businesses into the Localyte marketplace.